Counselling helps you to feel better quickly. You can re-define your situation with the help of a person who is “outside the box” and can see objectively into your life. Counselling can open up new ways of looking at problems you feel stuck with, and it can provide some excellent strategies for changing things to a better place.

Counselling does not need to be expensive or long term to bring about great benefits. A registered social worker is often covered under Employee Assistance Programs or through third party insurance. It’s worth it to be able to feel relief and happy again.

“Laughter shared, twice the laughter… sorrow shared, half the sorrow”

Mediation & Collaborative Law

I help separating couples reach mutually beneficial separation agreements including comprehensive parenting plans, financial
and property division
and if required, post-divorce support.

I help couples from Hamilton to Mississauga negotiate separation agreements that are both cost-effective and in the best interest of you and your children. Learn more »

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