FamilyI see individuals, couples, and families and children. I use a comfortable relationship positive, strength-based approach to all my work. You will see results quickly and my clients feel empowered and encouraged.

My specialties are working with couples facing crisis, loss of sexual connection, changes, despair, and infidelity. In couple work, I use a particular theoretical model called Relational Life Therapy.

Relational Life Therapy uses a very straightforward method to see what is preventing the couple from enjoying a satisfying interaction, and uses a coaching method of practice which helps couples understand each other and get back on track to living relationally with respect, affection and emotional intimacy restored.

Many couples find this model helpful, as it is very goal directed and teaches simple skills to engage in positive ways with each other. It is wonderful to experience relief from having the same old fights!

In individual work I help with emotional loss, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, parenting, life transitions and behavior difficulties. I am an expert at dealing with anxiety, anxiety attacks and healthy stress management.

Family, Marriage and Relationship CounsellingWith children I use a combination of games, drawing, and play in order to gain some understanding of how they see their world. Children talk when they are ready and play is often the language they prefer to choose.

With adolescents I use a very relationship focused model, understanding their developmental tasks and
challenges. Adolescents often need support problem solving their issues as well as someone who understands the complexities of their lives.

ID-10034197Adults, on the other hand, are free to explore their issues at their own pace. Rather than having only one view for our work, I prefer to understand the person where they see themselves. I can then work with them in many ways meant to meet their individual and specific needs.