Children’s Therapy

Children need a therapist who speaks their language and frees them from their fears and anxieties. When they regain their courage, they can act in new and different ways in their lives which makes it possible for them to learn at school, make friends, and fosters better relationships and a calmer way of life for them.

I’d love to meet you and your child. Please call me at 905-896-2378. I’d like to help.


“Barb stuck with my child and eventually my daughter took a leap of faith. And she took another and another. My Daughter has come a long way.”


“At first I was worried that Barb wasn’t going to keep her word about not telling anyone what we talk about so I didn’t tell her anything. But after awhile I gained trust in her spilled out everything to her. What surprised me most was that she kept her word. And now I can talk to her about anything.”