Relationship Therapy

yay-8380804Conflict is an inevitable and inescapable part of a couple or family’s life. Health is not the absence of conflict…
it is how the conflict gets resolved in a flexible and satisfactory way. Skills can be learned in order to transition through difficult times without losing intimacy or getting stuck in an angry resentful place. Counseling teaches those skills and helps a couple regain their closeness, trust, satisfaction and happiness.

If I can help, please feel free to call me at 905-896-2378.


“I was frightened and not very hopeful about our marriage when we went to see Barb for the first time. She saw us differently from how we saw ourselves and helped put our problems in a better more helpful perspective. She showed us things to do that would help us. She believed in us and helped us through some very difficult times when we didn’t know how to overcome the places we were stuck and hadn’t been able to resolve on our own. I think we’ll make it now.”