Welcome to my Personal Blog

My name is Barb Anderson and I have been practicing in social work for over 25 years. I could not have foreseen the need to maintain a strong relationship with my clients and the general public in this manner but times have changed and I change with them so here I am blogging!

I have created this blog to help clients and potential clients obtain up to date information and links and commentaries regarding their counselling, mediation, and collaborative law needs.

I have a wealth of information about a lot of subjects that people need help with so why not share it with the people that need it for absolutely nothing but their time to read it. It helps to be able to clarify some of my ideas from time to time and to help raise questions in the minds of people that are struggling with their own issues…if it helps you gain something you can apply right now great!

I welcome your comments and thoughts and I expect to learn from others as I share. Let’s have a dialogue here!
Thank you for visiting and please come back again.